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Agitation Models

Agitation Models

Ports and harbors, are intended to provide a calm berthing place for vessels and for loading and offloading cargo activities.

Avoiding waves within a marina is more than just providing protection from offshore waves. Certain shapes and designs can in fact concentrate wave energy at certain frequencies resulting in increased wave heights – sometimes higher than outside the port.
Analyzing wave agitation within marinas and ports is complex and only few companies possess these capabilities.

CAMERI has vast experience in modeling the development of in-harbor waves and the resulting vessel motions at different mooring positions. Thus, CAMERI can help port designers to assess and improve their port layout design. CAMERI has performed agitation models for large scale ports, marinas and power plant pools along the east Mediterranean coast and was involved in their design process. Whether you are designing a new marina or a new jetty in an existing harbor, our team will help you get to the best results.

CAMERI has experience with different kinds of wave modeling: hindcasts using available wind data, near-shore wave transformation from measuring device to deep water and from deep water to target points, and harbor agitation.