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Sorek Desalination Plant

Sorek Desalination Plant

Client: Sorek Desalination Plant

Sorek DP located about 15 km south of Tel Aviv, Israel, became operational in October 2013 with a seawater treatment capacity of 150 mil.m3/yr (expansion up to 300 mil.m3 approved).

CAMERI has conducted several studies during all the stages of plant design, starting from 2009. The latest study conducted by CAMERI in 2011 and was commissioned by Sorek Desalination in order to assess the near-field spreading of the brine to be discharged from the projected Sorek desalination plant. The main objective of the study was to assess the brine primary dilution in the vicinity of the plant outfall. The study uses UM3 model of the Visual Plumes package developed by EPA.

Trajectories of the single jet centerlines (continuous curves) and of the jet margins (dashed curves) for total plant discharge Q0=30,460 m3/hr, port diameters d0=0.8 m, port elevation h0=4 m, discharge angle 00=45°.