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Haifa and Eshkol Power Stations (1995-2013)

Haifa and Eshkol Power Stations (1995-2013)

Client: Israel Ports Development and Assets Company (IPC) Ltd. / Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC) Ltd.

Haifa and Eshkol Power Stations are located in the vicinity of Haifa and Ashdod ports, respectively.
The issue of cooling water recirculation from the IEC has been modeled in the framework of several studies that followed the Haifa and Ashdod Ports development projects starting from 1995. Different layouts and volumes of recirculated water were addressed.

The latest study was performed in order to assess the possible changes in excess temperature of the sea water near the intake of the cooling system due to the Bay port construction. The numerical modeling was conducted under the same conditions for present and future port layouts using the PMS and CAMERI3D/HD-ST models. The study accounts for growing capacity of the power station as well.

Haifa Port and Haifa Power Station recent layout

Water Surface Seabed            

Patterns of excess temperature (color and isolines) and the velocity field (arrows) under calm sea conditions (Project 2013)


Ashdod Port and Eshkol Power Station

Patterns of excess temperature (color). Wind speed Vw=8 m/sec, wave and wind direction Dir=290º, wave height Hm0=2.0 m. (Project 2012)