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Hydrographic and Sediment Data Collection and Processing

Hydrographic and Sediment Data Collection and Processing

Hydrographic data

CAMERI collects oceanographic data along the eastern Mediterranean shoreline.
This data is available for designers and decision makers. In addition, CAMERI can perform statistical analysis and provide the designer with statistical values such as extreme event analysis. Our data collection system also provides the most accurate and inclusive information for our models, reports, and analyses.

Our data includes, and is not limited to, the following fields:

  • Waves
  • Winds
  • Currents
  • Water level

Our network of sensors and meters can be utilized for marine database management and coastal management and development.

Sediment data

CAMERI carries analysis of bottom sediment based on sieve analysis (for sand material) and hydrometer tests (for fines), which is important in sediment modeling such as sand transport, and fine sediment spreading and settling, as well as assessment of the sediment suitability for reclamation etc.


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