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MEKOROT Desalination Plant

MEKOROT Desalination Plant

Client: MEKOROT Development and Enterprise

MEKOROT DP is projected at the southern part of the Mediterranean coast of Israel (northward the Ashdod Port). The plant was designed to produce 100 mil.m3 of fresh water per year in such a way that it can be expanded in the future (possibly up to 150 mil.m3).

CAMERI has conducted several studies all over all stages of plant design, starting from 2002. The latest numerical studies were conducted by CAMERI in 2010-2011.

The recent design implies the intake location at ~15m water depth and the outfall – at ~22 m water depth (concurrent outfall of the DP, the Agan Chemical Manufactures and PAZ).

The study was performed in order to assess a potential impact of plant construction on the environment. The study followed the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the MEKOROT DP. The main objectives of the studies were to assess the brine primary dilution in the vicinity of the plant outfall via near-field modeling; and water flow fields, salinity and conservative pollutant patterns under different climate conditions via far-field modeling.

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