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Water Quality

Water Quality

CAMERI performs water quality analyses for all bodies of water.
Using data calibration and forecast modeling, our engineers can produce extensive and inclusive reports for ongoing projects and case studies.

CAMERI is equipped with a state-of-the-art numerical tool for 2D and 3D ecological modeling of ecosystems. The model is capable of simulating the spatial distribution of state variable concentrations in a 2D or 3D domain based on processes such as advective transport; biological, physical, and chemical transformation processes; settling. The three major applications are:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, i.e. assessment of the impact on the water environment caused by anthropogenic changes (e.g. the impact on water quality from effluents discharging pollutants and the fate of these pollutants; the impact on flora and fauna caused by dredging operations; the impact on the water environment caused by construction works; etc.).
  • Surveillance and forecast that predict water quality parameters in the actual situation and typically 5 days ahead (e.g. forecasts of bathing water quality by predicting, for instance, coliform bacteria, temperature, jellyfish, toxic algae; forecast systems designed for decision-makers to have a surveillance tool that can explain the environmental situation as it is in the actual situation, for instance, using dissolved oxygen as a prognostic variable; forecast system designed as a tool for the agriculture industry, which can predict parameters that are important for the management of the production; etc.).
  • Scientific research (for analyzing ecosystems; to investigate the impact on benthic fauna from xenobiotic in the water environment; for assessment of the effect on long time climate changes or extreme weather conditions; etc.).