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Research and business
go hand-in-hand

Collaboration between industry and academia supports improvement and innovation in the industry and helps to ensure industrial relevance in academic research.

We at CAMERI believe that this symbiotic relationship can greatly improve the marine and coastal engineering field and arise new research topics out of the interaction between the duos for the benefit of both academia and industry.

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The intention of the Scholarship is to develop the expertise and interest of Israel engineering graduates in marine and coastal engineering.

Marine & coastal engineering

Academic activities

TOP – Technion Ocean Engineering Program

TOP – Technion Ocean engineering Program seeks to educate engineering students with regard to products and infrastructures designed to function within ocean environments, and imparting interdisciplinary knowledge for the management, exploration and protection of the sea.

Marine engineering courses

Courses in marine and coastal engineering. A colaboration between the Technion, Israel Ports Company and CAMERI - The Israeli Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute.

Publications and projects of CAMERI's past scholars

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Doctoral & Postdoctoral Candidates

We offer great oppertunites for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates. Check out our carrier oppertunites.