Numerical Modeling

Numerical Modeling

CAMERI has great experience in numerical modeling in the field of waves, hydrodynamics, bathymetric analysis, sediment transport, beach morphology, and more.
The numerical modeling results are critical for different aspects of planning.

Simulation Tools

MIKE by DHI is a range of software products to accurately analyze, model, and simulate any type of challenge in water environments.

Delft3D FM is a modeling environment for the simulation of among other things storm surges, that shows local flows and water levels, waves, sediment transport, and more. XBeach is a model used for the computation of nearshore hydrodynamics and the morphodynamical response during storm events.

A numerical model to calculate shoreline change, wave-induced long-shore sand transport, and morphology change at inlets on a local to regional scale. GenCade is operated within the Surface-water Modeling System Interface bringing functionality to a georeferenced environment.

EPA is an application for simulating surface water jets and plumes provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

CAMERI3D/HD-ST is a Hydrodynamic and sediment transport simulation model developed by CAMERI.

Sutfer by Golder Software is a powerful contouring, gridding, and surface mapping package.

CAMERI is currently converting to the ArcGIS tool which offers a rich myriad of >100 datasets, including wave, current, wind and bathymetric data, collected over many years.

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