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HF Radar

CAMERI, together with the Israeli Port Company, provide support to the innovative project launched by the Marine Engineering and Physics Laboratory (MEPL) to carry out remote measurements of sea state parameters using a shore-based oceanographic HF radar system, WERA IV. The WERA Remote Ocean Sensing System provides reliable data of ocean surface currents and significant wave height and direction over long distances (> 200 km) with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for VTS, SAR and environmental protection applications. Currently, two stations, located in Ashkelon and Ashdod, operate continuously to monitor the central and the southern parts of the Israeli offshore area.

Xband Radar

As a part of coastal protection and management project, CAMERI along with Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality and The Tel Aviv University operates WaMoS II system at Hatzuk beach. WaMoS II is a remote wave and current monitoring system based on the marine X-band radar to collect maritime data for various purposes.

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GIS Systems Development

CAMERI a member of the Inter-Ministerial National GIS Committee – The Oceanographic Information subcommittee.

Currently we are building our GIS infrastructure to include >100 coastal and oceanographic datasets from Mediterranean and Red seas.

Ship Models Production

CAMERI collaborates with DesignTech, a high-end production workshop in the Technion I.T.T, to produce ship models. 

The models are primarily of a wood base material and they are manufactured by a CNC milling machine. The models are coated with epoxy resin and textile before the signature CAMERI painting is applied. 3D printing technology is used for detailing superstructures appendages etc. 

All models are designed for production by our engineers who oversee the entire fabrication process, to ensure maximum accuracy and compliance for the experiment.

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Collaboration with Start-Ups

We provide advice and design POC tests in our facilities for various start-ups.

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