Physical modeling

Wave flume & wave basin for 2D & 3D modeling

CAMERI | Physical modeling | Flume

Wave Flume for 2D Modeling

CAMERI’s wave flume is 48 meters long, 2.50 meter wide, and 1.5 meters deep.

The flume has a piston-type wavemaker with an electric drive system and is equipped with an Active Wave Absorption Control System.

The flume is used to conduct stability tests, floating and submerged vessel towing, and wave-structure interaction tests.

Wave Basin for 3D Modeling

CAMERI’s wave basin is a unique research and testing facility in Israel. It has an area of 50×25 square meters where we run physical models for the Haifa Bay area (including the Haifa Port, the Kishon Port and The Mifrats Port).

A piston-type upgraded wave maker produces waves of up to 12 centimeters in a water depth of 60 centimeters and enables us to investigate many aspects of maritime design objects including breakwaters, quays, and agitation models for various circumstances.

CAMERI | wave basin | Physical scale modeling

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