Privacy Policy

CAMERI – Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute

1. Privacy Policy

Since the Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute, Inc (hereafter, the “Company”) respects the privacy of those using the internet site that it operates and manages (hereafter, the “Site”), the Company has decided to publish its policy regarding protecting the privacy on the site, and the Company commits to carry out this policy in regard to the user.

The aim of this policy is to explain what the company’s rules are in regard to user privacy, and how the Company uses the information given to it by the users of the site or that is collected by the Company during site use, and by using the site the user explicitly agrees to the Company’s policy.

In this policy, the term “personal data” means all information that is given to use in a reasonable manner in order to identify you, this includes both your first and family name, your address, IP address and all the information given to us, in points that allow this in the site.

 2. General

Use of the site is not dependent on registration or giving personal details. However, different sections of the site, for instance, the section designated to contact the Company through the on line contact forms found on the site, could be dependent on registering and providing personal information such as name, address, telephone number, active email address, organization affiliation and appendices according to the need and circumstances.

You are not required by law to provide personal information. Provision of these details is dependent on your agreement and your free will. However, providing false details or not giving full details when asked, could prevent our ability to make contact with you if and when necessary.

In addition, as detailed herein, when using the site services, information about you is collected. Part of this information does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your details. This is statistical information that is accumulated. For example, advertisements that you have read on the site, the pages that you have viewed, the services offered that did not interest you, the IP address from which you entered the site, etc.

 3. Registering for Services

When registering, the Company asks you only for the information necessary for that purpose.

 4. Data Bank

The data collected will be saved in the Company’s data bank and will be the Company’s responsibility.

5. Use of the Information

Use of the information collected will be used only according to this privacy policy or according to all laws in order to:

  • Contact you in regard to the Company’s actions or for the purpose of using the information that you provided
  • To fulfill any legal, regulatory or legislative requirements
  • To allow the use of different services on the site
  • To improve and enrich the services and content offered on sites

6. Direct Electronic Mail

The Company is interested in sending you electronically, from time to time, information regarding our services and also marketing and advertising information. This information will be sent to you only if you have explicitly agreed to this privacy policy. At any time, you can cancel the agreement to these terms and stop receiving these messages.

The Company does not give out your personal details to advertisers. However, the Company is authorized to transfer statistical information about the Users’ activities on sites. Statistical information that is transferred will not identify you personally.

7. Transferring Information to a Third Party

The Company will not transfer your personal details or information that was collected about your activity on the site to third parties except under the following circumstances:

  • In the case of a legal dispute between you and the Company that requires the exposing your details
  • If you carry out illegal activities on the site
  • If a court order is received that requires giving out your details or information to a third party
  • If the Company sells or transfers, in whatever form, activities on the site to any corporation- and also in case of merger with another entity or merger of site activities with the activities of a third party, and only if this corporation takes upon itself instructions as regarding this privacy policy toward the User.

However, in order to operate the site and manage its activities the Company is aided by other companies’ systems, who could then have access to your information.

The list of companies that provide the Company with services, through your information could be processed are:

  • WordPress
  • Google

8. Cookies

The Company’s site uses Cookies for its ongoing operation and installation, and in order to collect statistical data regarding site use, to verify details, to synchronize the site with your personal preferences and for data protection purposes.

In addition, this site uses Google Analytics, a Google product that helps site owners to understand the users’ interaction with the site. When users visit this site, their browser automatically sends certain data to Google. This data includes, among other things, the internet address of the page that you are visiting and your IP address. In addition, Google Analytics uses Cookie files. The information gathered through the Cookie files are transferred and saved in the Google servers. Google uses this data in order to evaluate your use of the site, to prepare reports about the site’s activities and on the use of the internet for site managers. Google might also transfer this data to a third party, when it is needed for legal purposes or when the third party processes the data for Google. Google does not attach the IP address with other data.

Every browser allows you to manage your preferences in relation to the Cookies. You can block or remove Cookies- either totally or partially. If you do not not know how to do this, you should use the Help file of the browser being used. Please note: Blocking nor removing Cookies could affect your experience of the site.

9.Third Party Advertisements

The Company allows other companies to manage the advertising system of the site. The ads that you see during a visit to the site arrive from these companies’ computers. In order to manage their advertisements, these companies place cookies in your computer. These cookies allow them to collect data about the sites where you viewed advertisements placed there and on which advertisements you clicked. The use that these companies make of the Cookies is subject to their privacy policy and to the Company’s privacy policy.

10.Data Protection

The Company implements the latest systems and procedures to ensure data protection on the site. While these procedures and systems reduce the chances of unauthorized access, they do not provide total protection. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that their services will be totally immune to unauthorized access to the data stored.

11. Where is the Data Stored?

The data that the Company collect is stored on guest supplier servers and data backup, that could be located outside Israel’s borders. Agreement to this policy, also signifies your agreeing to data storage abroad and its transfer outside of Israel’s borders.

12. Right to View Data

According to the 1981 Privacy Protection Law (hereafter, “Privacy Protection Law”) everyone is entitled to view the data pertaining to him in data storage. A person who views his personal data and finds that it is incorrect, not complete, not clear or not updated, is entitled to turn to the owner of the data storage site and ask to correct the data or ask to remove it.

To request changes, you can do so by email at [email protected] or through fax number 04-8227661or via regular mail at the following address: The Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute, Kiryat Ha Technion, Haifa, 320004.

In addition, if the data in the Company’s bank used for your personal inquiry, then you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law, to demand, in writing, that the data that pertains to you be erased from the data bank.

13. Changes in the Privacy Policy

In all case where substantial changes to this privacy policy are made that concern use of personal data that was given, these changes will be published on the home page of the site.